Mission Statement:
Promoting and protecting public health, safety and general welfare.

Rusk County takes pride in its recreational, economic, historical and environmental resources. The Rusk County Zoning Office administers the ordinances that assist in protecting, promoting and preserving these resources. For more detailed zoning information and application requirements, see the department pages and links. The best time to prepare for new construction or other development is well in advance so any unforeseen setbacks may be addressed prior to your scheduled beginning date. Contact us with any questions you have.

Land Use permits are required for:

  • New Builds (house, garage, storage, deck, walkout basement)
  • Additions/Alterations
  • Grading/Land disturbing in shoreland and floodplain areas (rip-rap)
  • New uses (i.e. business, campground, tourist rooming/rental)
  • Signs
  • Nonmetallic Mining (gravel pits, top soil removal, etc.)

Sanitary permits are required for:

  • Septic system installation, repair, reconnection or replacement
  • Outhouses/Privies
  • Composting Toilets