Mobile and Transient Food Establishment


Rusk County License Application - Mobile and Transient Food Establishment


Mobile and transient retail food establishments may include transient food, like food trucks or temporary food stands, items sold at farmers markets, baked goods, eggs,  home canned foods, honey and maple syrup. Please click on each category to see if you need permit.

Farmers Market

The licensing requirements for selling goods at farmers markets vary widely based on the product that is being sold. Here you will find information about what licensing (if any) applies to the product you're interested in selling, as well as what other general regulations must be followed when selling at a farmers market.

Baked Goods

Baked goods from one's own home can be an extremely simple process that doesn't even require a business license (as long as certain criteria are met). Click the link to find out if you need a license.


This section contains information concerning the types of licenses and permits required for egg sales, which vary based on the size of your operation. There is also information about grading your eggs and the differences between the different grades.

Home Canned Foods

Home canned goods can be sold without a license in certain conditions thanks to legislation commonly known as the "pickle bill." In this section you'll find out what circumstances must exist for this exemption to apply, as well as resources that offer education on the canning process.


Honey sale licensing requirements vary depending on several factors. Find these requirements as well as other useful information such as how to properly grade your honey.

Maple Syrup

This section includes information concerning the sales of maple syrup and maple syrup-related products and by-products. You'll find information about different licensing/permitting requirements based on the specifics of your operation/sales plans as well as maple syrup grading information and when grading is necessary.