Lead Poisoning & Prevention

Lead is a naturally occurring metal and there are many sources of lead in the environment that can harm health. Children are most at risk for exposure to lead-based paint found in homes built before 1978.  Adults can also be harmed by lead poisoning.  Lead exposure can cause serious health issues such as learning disabilities, developmental delays, and other health and behavior concerns. 


Rusk County Public Health works to provide information and resources to families who have a child/children with elevated blood lead results. If a child’s blood lead result is above 15 mcg/dL public health will help you arrange a home/environmental assessment by a certified lead risk assessor.    

Protecting children and adults from exposure to lead is important for good health. Children participating in the Rusk County WIC program receive blood lead screenings at ages one and two years.  Children who first enroll in WIC after the age of two will also receive a blood lead test.


Visit Lead-Safe Wisconsin to learn more about lead poisoning and prevention.