Land Information/Surveyor & Zoning Committee


Land Information Division:
The Rusk County Land Information Division provides access to land related data of properties in the county and provides copies as requested for a fee. The County Land Information Office is responsible for maintaining land survey records, remonumentation, tax parcel maps, site addresses, and the county’s Geographic Information System (GIS). Some of the information includes:
Original Government Surveys
Retracement Surveys
Public Land Survey Monumentation Records
Tax Parcel Maps with Land Ownership Data
Ortho Photography
USGS Topographic Maps

In addition to the above services and responsibilities, this office offers advice to land owners on ways to resolve surveying related land problems. The Land Information Division does not do surveys for private individuals. Should you need the services of a surveyor, this office can provide a list of all surveyors, to our knowledge, that work in the county and also which surveyors have done the most work in your section or area.


Zoning Division
Rusk County takes pride in its recreational, economic, historical, and environmental resources. The Rusk County Zoning Office administers the ordinances that assist in protecting, promoting, and preserving these resources as well as the health, safety, and general welfare of the public. For more detailed zoning information and application requirements, see the department pages and links. The best time to prepare for new construction or other development is well in advance so that unforeseen setbacks may be addressed prior to your scheduled beginning date. Contact us with any questions you have.

Permits are required for:
New Buildings (house, garage, storage)
Grading/Land disturbing in shoreland and floodplain areas
New uses (i.e. business, campground)
Septic system installation, repair, reconnection, or replacement
Composting Toilets
Nonmetallic Mining (gravel pits, top soil removal, etc.)



Meeting Schedule:

Meets the second Tuesday of the month.