Nutrient Management Planning

  • Nutrient management is a way for Wisconsin farmers to ensure that their crops get the right source of nutrients at the right rate, time and place to match crop needs and minimize nutrient losses from fields.

  • A nutrient management plan accounts for all activities on the farm and in individual fields that affect nutrient needs and losses during one crop rotation.

  • SnapPlus (Soil Nutrient Application Planner) is Wisconsin’s nutrient management planning program that helps farmers make the best use of their on-farm nutrients, as well as make informed and justified commercial fertilizer purchases.

  • By calculating potential soil and phosphorus runoff losses on a field-by-field basis while assisting in the economic planning of manure and fertilizer applications, SnapPlus provides Wisconsin farmers with a tool for protecting soil and water quality.

  • A FREE download of SnapPlus is available here.

  • ATCP 50.78 Nutrient management is a best management practice that is eligible for cost-share through the LWCD.

  • Here is a list of qualified nutrient management planners


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