Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I purchase a parcel of land, will I automatically receive the next tax bill?
    Not if your deed hasn’t been recorded with the Register of Deeds or if there was an error on the deed. If you purchased only part of a parcel, it is considered a “split” and will not be separated until the next assessment on January 1. The tax statement for the original parcel will be sent to the owner of that parcel. If you want your own separate bill, contact your municipal treasurer.
  2. I don’t believe my property assessment is correct. Can you change it?
    The Real Property Lister is required to maintain the values established by the assessor for your municipality. You should discuss this with your assessor. Procedures are outlined in the Property Assessment Appeal Guide
  3. I get several tax bills for adjacent parcels of land. Can they be combined?
    Some parcels can be combined and some cannot. You should contact your assessor or the Real Property Lister.
  4. What are MFL-Open and MFL-Closed?
    They are programs administered by the Department of Natural Resources in which land owners can place their forest land for a reduced tax rate. You’ll find descriptions of the programs, as well as a list of hunting land open to the public.
  5. What is the Lottery and Gaming Credit and do I qualify for it?
    It is a credit on the real estate taxes of Wisconsin taxpayers who own their home and live in it on January 1 of each year. For more information Dept of Revenue.
  6. How can I find the amount of tax I owe if I lost my bill?
    You may either call the treasurer’s office at 715-532-2105 or visit
  7. What happens if I’m late in paying my taxes?
    Delinquent taxes are charged interest at the rate of 1% per month on the unpaid principal beginning Feb 1st until paid in full. Those taxes are no longer eligible for the two payment plan. If property taxes are delinquent for three or more years, the property is eligible for foreclosure.
  8. Do I still have to pay interest if I didn’t receive a bill?
    Yes, State Statute 74.09(6) states: “Failure to receive a property tax bill does not affect the validity of the general property taxes, special taxes, special charges and special assessments levied on the tax collection of delinquent general property taxes, special taxes, special charges, and special assessments.”
  9. I own property with other members of my family. Can we each receive a tax bill?
    Our system only allows for one mailing address. If you wish to receive your own copy, you may either call your local treasurer, the county treasurer, or visit after the 3rd Monday in December to reprint your tax bill.
  10. We go to Arizona for the winter. Should I change the address on my tax bill to Arizona?
    It depends on which state you claim for your residence. If you change your address to another state, you will NOT be eligible for the Wisconsin Lottery and Gaming Credit.
  11. If my marital status changes, will that change automatically be reflected on my tax statement?
    No, the Real Property Lister can only list owners as recorded on documents in the Register of Deeds. If you have gotten married, you may quit claim your property to your spouse and yourself. If you have gotten divorced, your divorce attorney should prepare and record the documents according to the divorce decree. If your spouse has died, you should file a Termination of Decedent’s Interest form or you may have to go through probate, depending on how the property was titled.