New Jail Project

Thank you for visiting the Rusk County Jail Project site! We will be utilizing this page, along with other resources, to provide the most current information to the Community as we begin the process of planning for eventual replacement of our jail. 

We welcome feedback you may have as you view documents, presentations, reports, and other information that provide background on how this project has come to fruition. 

How Evolving Inmate Classifications Affect Jail Capacity & Design - Samuels Group Determining capacity for a new jail goes far beyond simply counting the number of available beds. Those familiar with corrections operations understand the requirement for an objective inmate classification system.
Staffing Considerations for a New Jail Building - Samuels Group Capital costs to build a new county jail can run in the millions, but it’s also important to go beyond the initial construction costs and look at how many employees will need to be hired to run the facility in years to come.
The Impact of Mental Illness on Jail Building Design Statistics show that more than one-third of state and federal prison inmates have been diagnosed with a mental illness, and 44% of those housed in locally run jails have been told by a mental health professional that they have a mental disorder. Of note is that these numbers only represent formal diagnoses; the actual figures may be much higher.
The Benefits of Podular Jail Design vs. Linear The architectural design of jails has evolved over time. Traditionally, jail facilities consisted of rectangular, linear buildings that had long corridors leading to inmate cells and areas for functions such as recreation, education, and other programming. A shift in jail design began in the early 1980s when the Federal Bureau of Prisons challenged architectural firms to come up with a design that would improve inmate supervision. The podular jail design was introduced, not only improving oversight of prisoners, but bringing many other benefits along with it.
Res. #21-32 Resolution Authorizing the Creation of a Master Plan and Formation of an Ad Hoc Committee - June 2021
Facility Analysis and Master Planning Final Presentation Presentation to County Board by Wold Architects in January 2023
Facility Analysis and Master Planning Final Cost Estimate Cost Estimate Presented to County Board by Wold and Market & Johnson for New Jail and Courthouse Renovations in January 2023
Res. #15-23 Resolution Authorizing Request for Qualifications and Request for Proposal for Architectural Services and a Construction Manager for Jail Project - February 2023
Venture Architects Proposal Response to RFQ for Architectural Engineering Services
The Samuels Group Proposal Response to RFP for Construction Manager
Res. #20-23 Resolution to Proceed with Design Phase of New Jail - April 2023
Res. #26-23 Resolution Authorizing the Creation of an Ad Hoc Construction Committee - May 2023
Location Options Jail location options proposed to Ad Hoc Construction Committee - September 2023
Proposed Budgets for Location Options 10-11-23 Proposed Budgets Presented to Ad Hoc Construction Committee - October 2023