Village of Ingram

Ingram, established in 1885, was named after O.H. Ingram, an early pine logger and partner in the Chippewa Logging Company. Sportsmen will find supplies and off sale potables, making Ingram a perfect stop-off point for on a hunting or fishing trip.

With its location amongst prime recreational land and the Flambeau River State Forest and Rusk County Forest. The area also offers whitetail deer hunting, as well as other wild game including great bear action. The terrain is abundant with pheasants and grouse.

Every August, the Village sponsors Ingram Days, a two day celebration featuring horseshoe and ball tournaments.

Elected Officials:

  • President:
    Jerry Biller
    N6100 State Hwy. 73, Ingram, WI 54526
    (715) 403-1981
  • Trustee:
    Doug Kueny
    N5969 State Hwy. 73, Ingram, WI 54526
    (715) 322-4556
    (414) 322-8256
  • Trustee:
    Bryan Baselt
    N5828 State Hwy 73, Ingram, WI 54526
    (715) 415-5975
  • Clerk:
    Keri Baselt
    N5828 State Hwy. 73, Ingram, WI 54526
    (605) 846-3010
  • Treasurer:
    Nicole Verdegan
    N6100 Hwy. 73, Ingram, WI 54526
    (715) 559-0436
  • Assessor:
    Eric Kleven
    S11091 County Road W, Eleva, WI 54738
    (715) 529-1032