Retail Food, Lodging and Recreational Licensing

Rusk County Public Health is an agent to the Wisconsin Department of of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP); therefore, we manage the licensing and inspection program of all retail food, lodging and recreation facilities in Rusk County. Please see below for information on each type of facility.


If you are opening a new facility or there is a change in ownership, a new application must be filled out and submitted. To apply for a new license, please review the relevant information, complete the proper form and return the form with payment to our office. 


Retail Food

Retail food establishments are typically separated into two categories. “Serving Meals” and “Not Serving Meals”.

  •  “Serving Meals” is usually a restaurant, tavern, or bar that serves food that is ready for consumption at the facility, for take-out, or for delivery. The food requires no further preparation once it is served.
  •  “Not Serving Meals” is usually a grocery store, gas station, or bakery that sells food that is intended to be taken home for further processing or consumption.


Mobile and Transient Food Establishment 

  • Transient Retail Food Establishment is a temporary retail food establishment that operates in a fixed location in conjunction with a special event for no more than 14 consecutive days.

  • Farmers Market licensing requirements for selling goods at farmers markets vary widely based on the product that is being sold.
  • Baked Goods from one's own home can be an extremely simple process that doesn't even require a business license (as long as certain criteria are met). 
  • Egg licenses and permits may be required for egg sales depending on the size of your operation and who are marketing to.
  • Home Canned Foods can be sold without a license under certain circumstances.
  • Honey sale licensing requirements vary depending on several factors. Find these requirements as well as other useful information such as how to properly grade your honey.
  • Maple Syrup and maple syrup-related products and by-products licensing requirements are based on the specifics of your operation/sales plans as well as maple syrup grading information and when grading is necessary.


Lodging and Recreation