Private Use Reservation

Private Usage Rates:

  • $500.00 a day plus tax
  • $350.00 a day Non-Profit Organizations
  • Additional charges for gas and electric at current rate – minimum $5 charge for each - will be billed after the event
  • Canoe use – $10/canoe/day - will be billed after the event
  • $500.00 refundable deposit



A Certificate of Liability Insurance must be submitted within 30 days of camp use.  The Certificate must name Rusk County as an additional insured with a minimum of $1,000,000 coverage. 

Many choose to get a TULIP policy where you became a rider on the county’s insurance.  Rates begin at $60/day for up to 100 people.  See application and instructions below.  If you choose this option, you will have to pay the daily rate for every day that you are at camp.  So if you come in on Friday and leave Sunday that would be considered 3 days.

If you choose to provide your own insurance, please be advised that copies of your homeowner’s policy is not acceptable.  Listed below are the County's Insurance requirements.  Please share these with your insurance company.