Mailbox Policy

Rural mailboxes have been and are allowed on the highway right of way as a matter of convenience to the land owners or occupants and not as matter of right.  Encroachments upon the highway right of way are governed by Section 86.04 of the Wisconsin Statutes which states in part as follows:

 86.04……..”If any highway right of way shall be encroached upon, under or over by any fence, stand, building or any other structure or object,…..the County Highway Committee (in case of a County Trunk Highway),…may order the occupant or owner of the land through or by which such highway runs, and to which the encroachment shall be appurtenant, to remove the same beyond the limits of such highway within 30 days.”

Thus, it is the intention of this policy that if a mailbox is accidentally damaged in the process of removing snow, mowing the right of way, graveling the shoulder, or any other act of maintaining the right of way, it is the land owner’s or occupant’s obligation to repair or replace the mailbox.

 It is further the intention that the above policy shall also be applicable to tubes or boxes for newspaper delivery and it is also required that such tubes or boxes be located adjacent to the mailbox if any.  Should, for some reason, there be no mailbox for a particular residence, then the tube or box shall be located on the same side of the roadway as are the mailboxes which serve other residences along the route.

 All mailboxes shall be installed with the bottom of the box between 42 to 48 inches above the ground.  All posts must be no larger than one and one-half inches in metal diameter or 4x4 wooden posts.  Heavy, ornamental, masonry or other receptacles filled with sand or concrete are not permitted.  It is strongly encouraged that mailboxes be mounted on a swinging arm, as they will push out of the way and reduce damage done by maintenance vehicles.