Culvert and Bridge Aid Program

The Rusk County Highway Department provides for Towns and Villages Culvert and Bridge aid per State Statute 82.08. Please contact the Highway Department office with any questions you may have regarding culverts/bridge aid.

The Highway Department sends a letter of request each year to all Township Chairmen for culvert/bridge aid to be included in the next budget county budget year.

Emergency Petition – State Statute 82.08 (4)
Whenever the construction or repair of any bridge or culvert must be made without delay, the town board may file its petition with the county clerk and the county highway committee, explaining the necessity for immediate construction or repairs. It shall then be the duty of the town board and the county highway committee to construct or repair the bridge or culvert as soon as practicable. The construction or repair of a bridge or culvert undertaken pursuant to this subsection shall entitle the town to the same county aid that the town would have been entitled to had it filed its petition with the county board as provided in state statute 82.08 sub. (1).