Rusk County Zoned Townships

General Zoning

There are nine townships in Rusk County that have adopted Comprehensive Zoning. These towns include Atlanta, Flambeau, Grant, Grow, Marshall, Thornapple, Stubbs, Washington, and Wilson.

Chapter 17 of the Rusk County Code regulates the location, construction and use of the buildings and other land uses so as to separate conflicting land uses and to promote and protect public health, safety, and general welfare.

The development that occurs on our own land not only affects us, but it affects our neighbors, our community and future owners as well. Land Use Permits are required for new construction and for new land uses in these townships.

Each township is divided into separate districts such as Agricultural, Residential, Forestry, Commercial, or Industrial. Each district has different allowed uses, permitted uses and conditional uses. Contact the zoning office to find out what zoning district your property is in and what uses are permitted. Note that only Atlanta, Flambeau, Grant, Grow, Marshall, Thornapple, Stubbs, Washington and Wilson are comprehensively zoned.