Sanitary Program

The Rusk County Private Sewage Ordinance is administered countywide. These rules address proper siting, design, installation, inspection and maintenance of private sewage systems in order to protect public and environmental health and safety.

  • A Sanitary Permit MUST be issued prior to any other permits being issued. All dwellings that are not connected to municipal sewer must be connected to an onsite septic system. Only a licensed plumber can install or repair a septic system.
  • A soil test must be performed on the property to determine what type of septic system can be installed. If there are no other options, a holding tank can be used as a system of last resort.
  • In situations where there is no well on the property and there will be no plumbing in the dwelling, a privy (outhouse) can be installed.


For the last reported septic system maintenance visit specific septic system website.