2024 Canoe Race Poster

Annual Sheldon Canoe Race (the first race of the season in Northern WI)

The first premier canoe and kayak race of the north on the Jump River will start 9:30 am to 2:00 pm at Jump River Wayside Park on Hwy 73 and ends at Haley Park in Sheldon. A non-complicated course that is fit for those who are laid back along with more serious participants.

• Seven classes - Awards through sixth place!

• Classes based on canoe types.

• Length of race is approximately ten miles.

• Shuttles available back to start. • $10.00 entry fee per person.

• Canoe rentals are $20.00. ( 18 canoes are available for rental )

• For canoe rentals and reservations; please call Scott at (715) 452-5159.

• For more information call Phil at (715) 452-5639.

• Food Stand Opens at 11 am.