WISER Survey

Your experience with internet matters in Wisconsin! Help us shape the future of internet services in Wisconsin by participating in our WISER survey.

This survey allows us to better understand your internet service needs and barriers so we can work to ensure all households in Wisconsin have access to high-speed internet.

Click the following link to participate in the WISER survey, or call 608-261-6026 to take it via phone, and help us ensure all parts of Wisconsin have access to high-speed internet: https://maps.psc.wi.gov/apps/WISER/index.html



Question 1: Why should I fill out the WISER survey?

Answer 1: The State of Wisconsin Broadband Office is seeking to understand  Wisconsinites’ first-hand internet experience, barriers and needs. This information will enable better and more targeted internet expansion planning in your community.


Question 2: What data protection measures have you all put in place?

Answer 2: WI household confidentiality is our highest priority. During our analysis, we will ensure personal data is only stored within the Wisconsin Broadband Office and our county, and not sold to a third-party entity.


Question 3: How much is this going to cost us (the municipal taxpayer)?

Answer 3: This data collection is at no cost for municipal taxpayers. The Federal government has allocated around $1B to the state of Wisconsin for internet infrastructure expansion and planning.


Question 4: How long will it be until I see actual improvements in my internet service?

Answer 4: Building infrastructure takes time, but the primary WISER campaign will run until July 14th and it will help to better direct our efforts. Once all survey results have been aggregated, the Wisconsin Broadband Office and our county will work to show the results and to incorporate this data into our broadband plans.


Question 5: Will I be able to see the progress of WISER survey responses online?

Answer 5: We have an easy-to-use data visualization tool so WI residents can easily view the number of WISER survey responses in their county, and this will be updated periodically: https://maps.psc.wi.gov/apps/WisconsinBroadbandPlanningMap/