Vital Records

Statewide Issuance:
With the new statewide issuance law now in effect, you can obtain the copies from any Register of Deeds office in the State of Wisconsin. Records available for statewide issuance:

  • Birth Certificates – from 10/1/1907 to present
  • Death Certificates – from 9/1/2013 to present
  • Marriage Certificates – ALL
  • Divorce Certificates – 1/1/2016 to present
  • Tribal Marriage or Divorce – 1/1/2016 to present

Anything prior to these dates contact the Register of Deeds Office.

**Attn Office Walkins: Due to the change in how our office now obtains vital records, it may take 15 to 20 minutes to receive a copy of the requested record in person.

Fees For All Vital Records
Rate applies only when additional copies are ordered at the same time as the first copy.

  • First Copy: $20.00
  • Each Additional Copy: $3.00