Highway Committee


  • To work cooperatively in promoting, developing, and prioritizing improvements to and safety of State and County Highway’s in Rusk County.
  • To secure the provision of safe and efficient travel and economic growth on State and County Highway’s located in Rusk County.
  • To work in cooperation with neighboring Districts, Local Townships and Villages, City of Ladysmith, Wisconsin Department of Transportation, and the Rusk County Board of Supervisors, as well as any other authorities associated with the development of Rusk County Highways.
  • To identify short-term needs of Rusk County highways and to develop costs associated with those needs.
  • To study long-term needs from a safety perspective first, and also from an economic perspective.
  • To develop a long-range plan including the scope of improvements and the costs associated with those improvements.
  • To submit project proposals and grant requests to the proper authorities and district offices in order to secure available funds for the development, growth, and safety of Rusk County Highways.


Meeting Schedule:

The Highway Board meets the third Monday of every month.