Board of Adjustment


The county board shall be responsible for the creation and the perpetuation of the county board of adjustment as provided in Board of Adjustment, Rusk County, Wisconsin, Rules and Bylaws, Policies and Procedures (Resolution No. 97-67). The county board of adjustment:

(1) Shall consist of three members appointed by the county board chair and confirmed by the county board for staggered three-year terms beginning July 1. Two alternates shall also be so appointed and approved for staggered two-year terms beginning July 1.

(2) Members shall reside in the county, outside the incorporated limits of cities or villages, provided that no two members shall reside in the same township and no member or alternate member is a county board supervisor.

(3) All appointments and other matters relating to the board of adjustment shall be subject to the provisions of this article.


Meeting Schedule:

As needed with annual organizational meeting each July