Animal Shelter

The Rusk County Animal Shelter is a full service shelter serving Rusk County Wisconsin. We shelter, and provide supportive care for stray and un-wanted domestic animals until they can be reunited with their owners, or adopted by new families. We accept surrendered animals when we have space available.

We take in stray dogs and cats from Rusk County and stray dogs from the townships of Ruby and Birch Creek in Chippewa County. We do not board animals.

Services Available:

  • How will your pet find its way home if he gets lost? An engraved name tag could save you pet's life! Choose from a variety of shapes, colors and fonts. Light weight and durable! Available at the shelter for only $5.00 and ready in minutes.
  • County dog licenses can be purchased at our shelter or Municipal Clerk's Office.
  • Surrender's: Animals surrendered by their owners are accepted ONLY if there is room at the shelter. 

    Surrender Fees:                    In County:                          25.00$ (for one animal)

  •                                                 Out of County:                   50.00$ (for one animal)

                                                    Litters of animals:

                                                    In county:                   10.00$ (per animal)

                                                    Out of county             15.00$ (per animal)

  • Lost or Found Pets are posted on our Facebook page:


Adoption Fees:

Dogs 150.00$

Cats 75.00$

Last updated 4/25/2024 10:41:50 AM