Property-Insurance-Airport Committee


The property committee:

(1) Shall consist of five county board supervisors.

(2) Shall supervise, maintain, and allocate the space within the public buildings and grounds designated as the "government center." The committee shall recommend and supervise the repair of and improvements to the government center as the committee shall deem proper and necessary.

(3) Shall manage and supervise the fairgrounds and Trails End Youth Camp and the buildings thereon.

(4) Shall have charge of all other property, real or personal, not assigned (by resolution or statute) to other committees, including, but not limited to:

a. Approving requests from the various departments for furniture, equipment, and vehicles and the budgeting therefor. The committee may, at its option, allow or require a department to use its budgeted or other funds to offset any portion of the cost of the request.

1. The various departments need not submit requests to the property committee for the purchase of items costing less than $1,000.00, items approved through the budgeting process or items fully grant funded.

i. All furniture/office supply requests must be reviewed with the maintenance department prior to purchasing.

ii. All electronic device requests must be reviewed with the IT department prior to purchasing.

2. No county office or committee exempted from these requirements by statute or otherwise need make such requests.

b. Entering into leases of county-owned property after first considering the following factors, provided that no funds derived from the county levy are to be used for improvements or alterations to the leased property under the terms of the lease agreement.

1. The county's need to retain possession of the property to fulfill an established long range plan or program.

2. The need to retain property for other unplanned county needs.

3. The county's need to retain possession of the property for industrial, community or economic development.

4. A recommendation of the economic development director or building and grounds supervisor.

5. The need to retain possession of property for sale or other disposition.

6. The market value of leases of like situated properties.

(5) Shall dispose of all unneeded, unused, or obsolete personal property and equipment over which it has control. To this end, the committee shall establish and carry out a policy which, at a minimum, establishes transfers to other departments, method and requirements for sale, and disposition of receipts.

(6) Reserved.

(7) Shall be responsible for assuring that all property owned by the county, both real and personal, is fully and adequately insured as instructed by the county board of supervisors and that the county carries adequate hazard, liability, and compensation insurance, and employee bonds.

(8) Shall have charge of the county airport and the grounds and buildings thereon and shall recommend and supervise the care and repair thereof. The committee shall report to the county board at any regular meeting it deems advisable as to any improvements the committee shall think necessary and, upon approval by the county board, shall be responsible for the supervision and implementation of those improvements.

(9) Shall contract with an independent appraisal firm to list and value the assets of the county and shall direct departments to update the asset inventory list annually including additions and deletions.

(10) Shall be the oversight committee for the building and grounds supervisor.

(11) Shall be the oversight committee for CDBG coordinator on neighborhood stabilization grant funds.

(12) Shall have charge of all matters over the recycling program and operate pursuant to Wis. Stats. §§ 59.06 and 287.01 et seq.

(13) Shall be responsible for the development, implementation, and operation of recycling and other waste management programs in compliance with state statutes and DNR policies and procedures.


Meeting Schedule:

Every month on the second Friday at 8:30 AM