Personnel Committee


The personnel committee:

(1) Shall consist of five county board supervisors.

(2) Shall investigate the need for and approve the appointment of deputies for elected county officers.

(3) Shall make recommendations to the full county board concerning employment and salaries of elected, appointed, and non-union county officers.

(4) Shall negotiate labor union contracts. Negotiated contracts shall not be deemed finalized until submitted to and approved by the county board.

(5) Shall handle union grievances.

(6) Shall be responsible for the county's personnel handbook. The committee shall, as it deems appropriate, make changes or revisions to the handbook. The committee shall submit policy changes that have a fiscal impact to the county board for approval.

(7) Shall have such responsibilities with respect to county employees under its jurisdiction, i.e., all employees not specifically legally exempted from control by this committee as shall be specified in the county's personnel handbook.

(8) Shall participate on the ad hoc hiring committee in the hiring process.

(9) Shall oversee the county's health insurance program.

(10) Shall be the oversight committee for the county's corporation counsel.


Meeting Schedule:

Every first Thursday of the month at 3 PM