Interviewing Committee (Ad Hoc)


The ad hoc committee:

(1) Shall consist of four members, one from personnel, one from the oversight committee, the department head that has the opening, and the administrative coordinator. The member from personnel shall serve as chair. The department head shall serve as recording secretary.

(2) Shall conduct all employment interviews, score the candidates, have equal input as to opinions of the candidates, and compile a list of qualified candidates in no particular order. Employment selection shall be made from that list by the department head.

(3) In the case that the position opening is a department head, the committee will consist of one member from personnel, one member from the oversight committee, the board chair, and the administrative coordinator. The board chair shall serve as chair and shall make the final decision as to which candidate will be hired.

(4) Shall follow the applicable provisions of the personnel handbook and follow existing employment laws when conducting the duties set forth herein.


Meeting Schedule:

As needed